Monday, March 16, 2015

Our little climber!

Oh how I love to document life.  But, I'm going to be honest and tell you my love for that sputtered out a bit over the past few months.  Towards the end of my Project 365 last year, I just wanted to be done.  It's a wonderful project to do that provides so many learning opportunities.  I highly recommend doing one to anyone who wants to.  Jump in with both feet.  However, it's a looooong project and one where every day is not necessarily inspiring. January hit, my project was complete and I needed a break.

My break has dragged on a bit longer than I thought it would. That's not to say I haven't taken any photos for fun or that I haven't picked up my camera at all.  I have. Just rather infrequently, for me.   My iPhone has also gotten a lot more use than it has in the past.  Happily though, with the turn in the weather, some fabulous sunshine and a little girl who is doing an amazing job in rock climbing, my inspiration seems to be returning.  This past weekend we traveled to Milwaukee for her second rock climbing competition!  I started documenting our day from the crack of dawn departure through her final placement!

Warm ups and getting on her gear.

The climbing has begun!

She nailed a couple of routes and then a few got the better of her.  She kept going though!

What a great support team her brother is! He kept her company and made sure she was ready for her next route. He was a great encourager as well.  The papers you see below are each competitors score card with all of the routes listed on them. The points for each route are also noted so can keep track of you are doing and plan where to go next! To get in line, your paper gets put at the bottom of the pile.

This route.  I'm not sure I've ever seen her work harder.  She was not going to give up, even though a few times I thought she was done.  It was not easy and a whole bunch of people in the gym were glued to her ascent, pulling for her, shouting for her and encouraging her to make it to the top. She did!!

My sweet husband volunteered and belayed the climbers for almost three straight hours!  
I'm not sure how his arm didn't fall off.

This yellow route was her final one for the day. Three hours of climbing and I'm not even sure how she was still going. She did not succeed in getting to the top on this one.  It thwarted her at the same spot each time.  But, we were so proud of her as she gave this route THREE attempts.  If she'd had any energy left, I think she would have gone one more time but she was spent.

And, at the end of it all, she was still such a  happy girl!

Awards ceremony took place right at the end.  Of the 19 girls in her age group, she took 7th!  I'll be checking the official USA Climbing site on Wednesday to see how she ranks in the country.  
  After the first competition, she was ranked 23rd in the county. Crazy, huh?!?

So very proud of our girl!  Up next...a competition in Minnesota!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

9.52 Standard Winter Wear

Not a conventional self portrait, I'll admit.  But, it's a pretty accurate picture of me when it's cold outside.  I hate nothing more than being cold. Truly.  Many of you have heard me say this... If I'm hot, I may be crabby or uncomfortable but I can function. However, if I'm cold, the only thing I can think about is when I can get warm again.  I could be in the middle of the most amazing thing ever and all I want to do it get warm.  So, white, fluffy boot slippers are my favorite when it's cold outside.  Happily, I'll be able to put these away for the year very, very soon. But, they are my best friend when needed!

And now, onward to warmer weather!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

8.52 My handsome date

Every year, at our elementary school, there is a Daddy Daughter Dance.  So my son and I take that opportunity to have our own date.  I believe we started going out in first grade.   We choose a different restaurant every year and make sure to get dressed up.  I love these nights.  This year, we met up with Peyton's Dad from Tommy, David Schlumpf, for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, followed by going to see West Side Story at Drury Lane Theatre. (Thanks to the Paramount Theatre for the show tickets!) What a fun night! An extra bonus with a friend AND a show!

With Middle School less than one year away, the last school Daddy Daughter Dance has happened for our house. So, we'll just have to find a reason to head out, just him and I, in future years. That's a tradition I'll love to keep going!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7.52 Tommy Tommy Tommy

So, yeah. I'm a tad bit behind on this project.  I chose 52 self portraits as I knew it would be challenging. However, it's a bit more challenging than I anticipated. Since I need to use a tripod for almost all of the shots, I can't be as spontaneous with my camera. So, I'm behind but I'm catching up.

My original idea for this particular week's post was to do it in front of the Paramount Theatre.  However, the weather was miserable and I kept not being able to fit it into my schedule. And then, rehearsals started for the next show and I can only imagine what all of the actors would have thought had they seen me out there taking photos of myself in front of the theatre. Ha!  It makes me giggle a bit, actually.

So, this was option 2. Something to represent the final week of Peyton's run in The Who's Tommy!  I can't say enough good things about the entire experience and everyone involved in it. We were so very, very fortunate to be a part of such a special show and cast.  I asked Peyton's Mom (Mrs. Walker in Tommy, Hillary Marren, who we simply adore) to help me get a poster signed with everyone in the cast prior to the final show. She was able to round up most of the actors before the end of the run.  I surprised him with it right before the cast party and then set it out on the bar during the party for anyone who hadn't yet had a chance to sign it.  What a joy to see all the special notes written to my little guy! There were some pretty cool relationships formed during those 8 weeks.

This is a group of people he'll never forget.  
While there will be other shows, there won't be anything quite like the first one.
What a ride!