Thursday, August 14, 2014

A zoo popped up in my backyard!

Last week a zoo materialized in my backyard.  (Yes, it's taken me way longer to get to this posted than I had hoped, but better late than never!)  It was a sweet zoo with more animals than I could imagine, lovingly cared for and arranged by two fabulous zookeepers, pictured below!

It seemed unfair to get to enjoy it all by myself, so I'm sharing here with all of you.  My favorite exhibits are highlighted with photographs.  Animals not shown here (but also in the zoo) were penguins, wolves, foxes, brown bears, polar bears basking in the sun and bunnies.  We hope you enjoy it!

First up were the free roaming monkeys...

... and the free roaming cats! The cats were everywhere! (I know that's quite shocking.)  :)

I was particularly fond of the leopard's lair and Sea World, tucked away in the corner.

One of the most interesting exhibits was definitely the Endangered and Mystical Creatures area! I mean, really, what other zoo shows THESE kinds of animals?!

I just loved the Lion's Den. As cute as they are, alas they are still wild animals!

Some of the more domesticated animals could also be found here...

The horses were out in the pasture, 

the frogs and ducks had their own pond,

the guinea pigs were just finishing up a meal,

the sheep were grazing and holding hands and

the cows were lazing around in the sun.

You can't have a zoo without including the reindeer.  

The chimpanzee was quite adorable in the tree.

After seeing all of the cool animals, I must say that the giraffes and elephants were, indeed, my favorite!

We hope you enjoyed the tour of the zoo! The animals were very happy to have visitors!