Sunday, May 23, 2010

E & J Sneak Peek

This is E & J, adorable twins I met thanks to my daughter's ballet class.  These 2 get along beautifully with my twins and new friendships have been born. But, I'm thrilled to say it doesn't only apply to the kids...I've become friends with their mom as well!

We started talking about a photo shoot back when the weather was cold. We wanted to wait until things got warmer. Well, we got more than we bargained for as the thermostat hit a stunning 95 degrees today!  Thank goodness we started our shoot this morning around 9am, a little bit before it REALLY got hot.

We had a great time strolling around the Riverwalk and ending up the park.

E & J are such fun, sweet little people.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph them!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Perfect Day

Today, we went to our elementary school's Run for Fun this morning. The kids and I walked the 1 Mile route, while my husband bravely ran the 5K! At the end the kids got medals and proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day.  Such a great event!

After that, I took the kids to the Arboretum and one of my best friends joined us. She has such a wonderful relationship with my muchkins and oh how I love watching them all interact. The tadpoles were out in droves under the eyes of several watchful mommy frogs.  We did some fun picture taking before finally heading home.

 I do believe summer is here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sneak Peek: K&K

This past Sunday, I had a great time photographing these 2 beautiful women.  Their parents are halfway around the world and they wanted to get some recent photographs to send back home.  I was so touched when they asked me to be their photographer.  We headed off to Cantigny and the day couldn't have been more perfect - 62 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. What more could we ask for?

Thank you for a fun session! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Boy oh boy have I ever been remiss in keeping up my blog!  I've vowed to change that starting...NOW.

A few weeks ago one of my friends, Tracy, came into town last minute and I couldn't have been more thrilled.  We used to dance together many years ago in professional dance company.  We've both stopped our dance careers and funny enough, we both have fallen head over heels in love with photography.   Tracy and I hadn't seen each other in over a year so I was thrilled to have her come for a visit.  Prior to that, I think we hadn't connected up face to face in about 7 or 8 years!  

We were lucky enough to spend 2 days experiencing 2 of our passions - dance and photography.  We took some time and went to the Morton Arboretum where there were over 100,000 daffodils in bloom and had an absolute field day with our cameras.  We also found many patches of bluebells which were oh so pretty.

From there, we travelled into the city and did something we hadn't done in years - took a dance class together!  It was crazy and fun and such a perfectly wonderful weekend.  I couldn't have asked for 2 better days!

I'm so glad we've rekindled our friendship!