Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Amazing Little Men

What a joy and honor it was to photograph this family.  Two oh so sweet little boys and an amazing set of parents.  As you'll see, the older of the two boys has some challenges which most of us will never have to face.  When their mom called to book the shoot, she explained that the shots of kids running through the fields wouldn't be images we'd be capturing with her boys. Her oldest son has cerebral palsy, a physical disability only, in his case.   I simply told her that I would most likely ask for more guidance than I normally would as to what we could and couldn't do.

What a remarkable little guy he was.  My heart strings were touched and I immediately adored him.  He was friendly and funny and polite and straightforward about what he could and couldn't do during the shoot. I didn't need to ask his mom for guidance; I simply asked him.  And the littlest one...well, what a smile he has.  A miniature flirt in the making.  I could have photographed both boys all day long!

We decide to do the shoot at their house. I arrived around 8:30 and the boys were just finishing getting ready.  Both kids came downstairs and the only finishing touch needed was to put shoes on.  Clearly, I was out of practice, as 20 seconds after I helped by putting on the littlest guys shoes, it promptly came off. Fortunately, Dad came to the rescue.  As we started shooting, I immediately got a slew of silly faces which made me laugh. My camera started clicking and barely stopped for the next hour and a half. Frankly, I laughed quite a bit through the entire shoot and then again as I reviewed the images from the day.

We started out in their new toy car and then moved into the Nimbo, a new walker which is less than a year old.  It was inspiring to watch as he used all of his energy to go back and forth on the sidewalk  and reach the sunny spots.  The littler man got in on a bit of the action and then decided to just hang out and watch for a bit.

After we finished in the front of the house, we all moved to the backyard.  There is some wonderful ivy covering the garage in the back and I wanted to make sure we got some images with that in the background.   It was easy to make the littlest guy giggle and clap.  I loved it!  We spent a bit of time taking shots here before boys got hungry and we took a break for a snack.

After their tummies were fuller and happiness came back, we headed back outside to do some final family shots. The lighting was wonderful in this spot and I snagged mom and dad for some photos of just the two of them. Their dog, Ernie, snuck in there which I was happy to see. We had tried to get him into a few earlier family shots, but that proved a bit more difficult than we thought it would be.  There was a bit of a laugh fest in the middle of the photos and I caught as much of it as I could.  

Oh how I love capturing moments like these. Every time I see this photo it makes me smile.  I have a fun series that includes this bottom photo, but I'm saving it for the full gallery!

Brooke and Mike - you two are amazing parents with two incredible sons.  I couldn't be happier that you asked me to be your photographer so that I got to meet your family and see the amazing spirit in both of your little men. I hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek. More to come soon.