Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

All week long, the weather forecast didn't look too promising for Halloween.  I heard many comments of 100% chance from other moms throughout the week.  It did, indeed, start last night. Every time I looked out the window, there was rain.  I even took an umbrella to the grocery store with me (to buy our candy at very last minutes) and I really dislike umbrellas.    When it was time for the kids to arrive home on the bus, I met them with umbrellas as well.  I asked if they were reconsidering trick or treating because of the rain and they barely missed a beat in saying, "Of course not!". Plans had been set to meet their friends in the cul de sac at 4:35-4:40pm and that was that. After a few pictures to make me happy, it was time.

When we headed out, it was still raining and they each took umbrellas. I was balancing an umbrella over my head and essentially shooting one-handed.  :)  Amazingly enough, it slowly turned into a slight drizzle and eventually stopped altogether. We even had a few moments of sun!  I was thrilled as I wanted to capture this Halloween on my camera - as I try to do every year. This one was a big change though.  While they didn't mind if we tagged along, they clearly didn't need us there.  My husband and I hung out for awhile, ended up taking their umbrellas for them and headed home before they were done.  I did manage to get a handful of shots though.

Getting started...

Ready to go!

Mr. Potter

Can't waste a minute!

Happily on to the next house!

Check out our sun!

Across the street while we hang back and watch.

Running, running, running

Midpoint photos at a friend's house

My awesome Mom, who offers to come over and hand out candy every year!

Ms. Granger

The black caped gang.

Time to sort the loot!

Surveying what she got and what she plans to trade.

The crown jewel - Nerds - in the middle.  This shot shows a mere fraction of what they brought home.

Until next year....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A First! Vintage Couch Session.

This session was so fun for me, not only because the family was fabulous but also because we did something I've never done before.  When the mom contacted me to take photos of her family, she said she'd seen cool images in other places of families sitting on vintage couches. As luck would have it, I own a vintage couch and so the decision was made to use it during our session!

There is a spot I've been eyeing for over a year that I thought would be a great place to do a family photo session. It was an even better spot, as it turned out, for a vintage couch shoot as it allowed me to get the truck very close to our location and not have to carry the couch too far.

The day was gorgeous and the fall colors had finally arrived. We had lots of fun and captured many wonderful images. Here is a Sneak Peek!

I'm not sure they could look any more fabulous if they tried!

He was so full of giggles.  I LOVE it when that happens!

Such a sweet moment!

Thanks for asking me to capture these moments for you and for giving me the opportunity to try out something new.  Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous season!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A sweet, new addition

I love getting to photograph a family more than once and seeing how the kids grow and change. This was our second session together, with one major change. There are now THREE little girls in the family, instead of just two.  The newest addition made her appearance just a couple of short months ago.  What a sweet, little nugget with two older sisters who clearly adore her.  Mom and Dad could not look happier.
She's so very observant, just hanging out taking it all in.

Pure adoration!

So happy!

So, this is one of my favorite shots of the whole session. We all cracked up, including Mom. What a face!

Few things make me happier than a red barn in the background.  What a beautiful family!

One final "bonus" sneak that wasn't on Facebook. Who could resist a shot of just the girls with their really cool boots?  I might have to go out and buy my own pair. :)

Thank you for asking me to capture these images. I loved every second of it!