Sunday, May 15, 2016

She Dreamt of her Finishing Place

This past Tuesday, five nights before Maggie's Regional Climbing Competition, she tells me she had a dream the night before.  "Mom, I dreamt I was at Regionals and came in 13th place."  And alas, 5 days later, turns out her dream was spot on.  Kinda crazy, huh?  

We could not be more proud of our girl. She had a fantastic top rope climbing season this year.  Seven comps total, 5 of which were USA sanctioned competitions. The majority of her finishes were either 2nd or 4th place.  Her improvement this year was something to see!

In order to move on and quality for the next round, the Divisionals competition, she had to place in the top 10.  She did her best and left it all on the wall. That's all anyone can ask of themselves.  With her final placement being 13th, it wasn't in the cards for her this year. Perhaps next year her dream can have a placement somewhere in the 1st to 10th range. 😉

Maggie's age group climbed in the morning for this comp and we went back in the afternoon to cheer on her friends in those sessions.  We've had wonderful support from friends and family all along the way this year.

We love how she shines in this sport. It's brought out her determination and perseverance in a way that nothing else does.

On to the next season in Fall for bouldering. Until then...

Look Up.
Climb Up.
Never Give Up.

Route 1 - Flashed

Route 2 - she made it just a few holds from the top

Route 3 -about halfway up. This one was the killer route and was more or less 
the determining placement route.

Congrats to our girl!
Up next - bouldering season.
Bring it on!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rock On!

I've been meaning to do this blog post for weeks now. However, I've been (thankfully) crazy busy so it just hasn't happened. And now, this weekend, the USA Climbing Regionals are upon us for the Great Lakes Region.  My girl has worked her tush off this season and we couldn't be prouder of her!  Currently, she is ranked 1st in the Region and 9th in the Nation.  Holy cow!

Watching her climb is something to see.  She makes it look easy. I promise you, it's not.  As soon as I get on a wall to climb, all thoughts of easy go right out the window and just making it to the top of one route takes all I have.  She has more perseverance and determination than almost anyone I know and she has the ribbons this year to prove it.

For this weekend, the goal is to place in the top 10.  If she accomplishes that, she'll quality for the Divisionals competition here in Chicago in June.

Wishing my girl all the good luck and strength and brain power to do her very best this weekend!

L'Escalade: Lexington, KY
4th Place

Vertical Endeavors: Glendale Heights, IL
2nd Place!

Adventure Rock: Milwaukee, WI
4th Place

First Ascent: Chicago, IL
4th Place

Climb Iowa: DesMoines, IA
2nd Place

Go OWN IT this weekend my girl!
Rock on!