Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Warrior!

Last weekend, Kevin embarked upon this insane race called The Warrior Dash.  Almost 19,000 people competed in it between Saturday and Sunday with waves of 500 people going off every half hour on both days.   What an event this was to behold.  The race is a 5K interspersed with multiple obstacles such a jumping over fire, climbing a straight up wall with just a rope and footholds, working your way through smashed up cars and tires and ending in a lovely swim through the mud.  My hubby did an amazing job, finishing in 26 minutes and coming in 9th for his age group.  He finished 158th out of the 8797 people who competed that day and somewhere around 350th of the 19,000 total competitors.  As insane as this all sounds, I'm tempted to do it next year myself, as long as I don't have to run full out the entire time.  Here's a sneak peek into the events of the day.  (I could only see the final few obstacles but they were some of the best ones.)

Warrior - Ready for Battle!

Two Male Warriors!

The cutest little warriors I have ever seen! (probably the friendliest too!)

The amount of people that do this thing is mind boggling!

To me, this looked like a war zone, but fun. And with great music!

In the starting gate.

We were happily surprised to find that Kevin's mom and her husband had come to cheer him on!

Daddy's biggest supporters

There was some serious heat coming out of those fire blasts!

Coming into the final stretch of obstacles

Rope wall climb

Jumping the fire. This one made Maggie really, really nervous.

Sliding into the mud. And yes, he slid. No avoiding it.

The final swim to the finish line.

Can you see how exhausted he is?


Failed attempts to get kisses post race. NO WAY Daddy!!!

Mom got a huge hug!!!  She was such a good sport!

My rocking' warrior!

Perhaps I'll join him next time....

Monday, June 11, 2012

S Family Sneak Peek

What a fun shoot this was! As soon as the kids climbed out of the car, they were happy, laughing and joking with one another. The energy was high and I knew right away this would be a great session!  It took place at Mayslake in Oak Brook, a spot I had not been to before.  I had not shot here before and I was glad to be introduced to this property by their Dad.  My job was made very easy by the fact that the kids immediately showed me the closeness between them! Such great interaction between all three kids.  Here are a few images for the Sneak Peek.  

Such beautiful siblings! And, I loved how the water looks like a watercolor painting in the background.

Trekking to a bridge I wanted to shoot at. It made for a pretty journey through this field!

One of my favorite shots!  This was on a little hidden path.

We all had quite a fun time near the willow trees!

Thank you for asking me to be your photographer. It was a joy to meet all of you.  I loved seeing the wonderful relationship between all three kids.  Hope you enjoy the images!