Monday, September 21, 2015

This guy. That HAIR.

What a day! I spent time this past Sunday photographing this adorable, yummy little munchkin and his super cool parents.  So much happiness and lots of random sleepiness all wrapped up into one faux-hawked little dude.  Narrowing down this sneak peek was hard. So hard, in fact, that I might have to do another whole blog post once their full gallery is complete.  I could share and share and share from this session.

For now, take a peek.  He is beyond precious.  Welcome to the world little man!  And seriously...did you see his hair?!?!

Quigley, their sweet dog, has his own feelings about cameras. I experienced this when we tricked him into a few photographs last December at the office.  He managed to make it pretty darn clear what he thought about this photo session!  It's alright.  I can take it. *giggling*

I mean, seriously woman.  Must you do that....

Fine. This is the look you get. That is all.