Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What a riot!

So, this blog post is kind of a secret.  These photos will be a gift in a few months for a very special person in the family.  What a fun bunch they were, as evidenced by the shots we got below in this Sneak Peek.  Who wouldn't have a good time with this group?!?!

And that's a wrap!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flying High at iFly!

So what happens when you go indoor skydiving for your own birthday?  You decide it would ALSO be a great idea for your kids to do it for THEIR birthday.  Not sure I really thought this through as, now, three of the four of us in our family want to go again and again and again and again.  (My hubby has no interest, having already jumped out of a plane in the past. S'alright. More time for me and for the kids!)  What a crazy fun day!  First the kids had some training, learned hand signals and got suited up for their flights, including goggles, ear plugs (which looked like mini carrots) and helmets. From the get go, I could tell that their instructor, Paul, was going to be fantastic!

Time to fly! First up...Peyton!
Then Will...
Then Mags....Then, Olivia...
and finally, Jenna!

All the kids rocked it out on their first flights!  On the second round, 4 of the 5 of them decided to do the "high flights" where the instructor took them up in the tunnel.  It's a ton of fun but you do get a lot of wind up your nose!  :)

After all the kids were done, our instructor went in to show us what he could do (and frankly, all the things I hope to do someday.) He flew to the top, walked up the walls, came down like was ridiculously cool!

Everyone was beaming from ear to ear, wishing they could all go right back in and do it again!  I'm sure we'll all be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Check out our accomplished flyers. Kudos, as well, to Paul who made the adventure even that much more fun!

We finished up the celebration with pizza and cake at home.  
Such a great group of kids they all are!

Happy, Happy Birthday munchkins! Please don't 11 come too fast.
Love, Mommy