Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Chapter

Welcome to my sorely, consistently, neglected blog. I have the best of intentions. I swear I do. But time flies by and suddenly it's been months since I created a new entry.  I spend most of my time posting on Flickr and Facebook to be honest.  But, I can certainly see the value of the blog. My following right now is pretty small. But, perhaps if I used this more, it would get bigger. (logic is amazing, isn't it?) And, truth be told, I do much better with photographs than I do with words.

A few weeks ago, my life changed dramatically.  A twelve plus year relationship with a great company I worked for ended.  I loved (almost) every minute of it.  For the past three and half years, I've also had my photography business, along side of my other job.  And, for the past two and half years, my non-photography job has been done part time, from home. It was perfect.  It gave me all the flexibility I needed, doing a job for a company I believed it, with an awesome boss using the knowledge I'd acquired in the prior 10 years. It also gave me time to get my business going, create awareness, build my client base and improve my skills. But, as always happens, things must change and with that comes some sadness as well as some excitement!  I can now focus my efforts on photography more than I have in the past.

With this new chapter comes some new goals and intentions.  As it relates to this post, I plan to write in here more often (and yes, I've said that before so we'll see how it really goes).  Maybe if I don't feel I have to write a novel each time (and really, do you want a novel on someone's blog?) then I can get in here more often.  So, please stay tuned.

To kick it off, here are the 1st 7 weeks of my personal Project 52 this year - one photo a week for a year.  Thanks for stopping by and for reading my update.  Hope to see you again soon!

A Day in the City

Backstage peek

Cub Scout strategy during the Pinewood Derby

Birthday celebrations with Grandma! 

Snow - at last!

Horse country. I can never get enough!

A special Valentine's Day - breakfast in bed!