Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Halfway Done!

Wow...looks like blogging on a regular basis just isn't so much my thing. However, now that I have switched to part-time with Chipotle, I'm hoping to have more time during the day to keep up to date on things like this.  In posting a sneak peek from a recent photo session, I realized I never put my June 365 collage up and now it's almost the end of July!  I have about 7 months down, only 5 more to go.  Craziness!

Monday, July 26, 2010

LIttle Man C and his Furry Buddy D

I spent this past Sunday morning with this adorable little guy and his furry buddy.  He had a blast with the red ball we brought.  Their beautiful home is right on the river, which gave us some great places to take shots.  I have to say, I  have never seen a dog who posed so well and pretty much did whatever we asked. Thanks to T & J for giving me the opportunity to photograph their son and the furry guy!